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Track & Trace Technology for Food Safety

Barcodes, labels, rugged scanners, printers, predictive analytics & RFID.

Key takeaways from: Closing the Trust Gap: Technology and the Food Supply Chain: The path toward better food safety through traceability and improved consumer confidence. 

A look at challenges around information for businesses in the food & beverage supply chain, and how technology can solve them.

Consumers care about where their food comes from --- how it’s made, how it’s handled --- and are afraid of food-borne illness, contaminated food, product recalls. Meanwhile, businesses along the food supply chain are open to risks from negative publicity, lawsuits, new laws & regulations, and temporary suspensions. But new technology is helping to alleviate these food track and trace concerns for both parties, specifically rugged handheld mobile computers with scanners, mobile barcode labels and thermal printers, and cloud-based software with strong lot management.

With lot management software in place, you can trace the product all the way from the farm in which it was picked/harvested/produced, as well as during sorting, cleaning and packaging. This means that in the event of a recall, the retailer will have full traceability.


How to Improve Track & Trace Food Safety Technology in 2021

  • Thoroughly inspect your supply chain. 
  • Comply with all requirements and make sure you have proper systems in place to do so. 
  • Gain further insight through greater collection of data. 
  • Keep better logs. 
  • Invest in new tech like mobile scanners, barcode labels, predictive analytics and RFID solutions to unlock a powerful fully integrated food track and trace system.

Once these products are in use and systems are in place, you’ll see: 

  • Increased transparency
  • Decreased risk of damage in handling and transport
  • Greater food safety compliance
  • Greater consumer confidence 

Major growth in adoption in these technologies is expected in the next three years, as more than 9 out of 10 industry decision-makers said they are investing in this tech in the next year. The pandemic has only added urgency to this track and trace push. 

The only objections? Budget and staff training. 

While it's true that upgrading systems and technology does require investment, that investment is far outweighed by the potential fines associated with not complying with government regulations, or perhaps worse, losing a customer to a preventable cause.

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