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How Barcode Duplicators Help COVID-19 Track & Trace Accuracy

Hardware solutions for tracking lab samples & safely administering CV-19 tests

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Winning the war on COVID-19 means having the ability to perform massive testing and isolation of those that are infected. But having bad barcode labels reduces our ability to inform individuals with timely accurate data.

Right now, large companies, state universities and hospitals are administering thousands of tests in the field and testing the samples in their labs. In terms of track and trace hardware solutions, the Lab Managers, Lab Directors, and Directors of COVID Response at these organizations are buying duplicators and labels that will stand up to an outside environment and a freezer.   

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Inventory control has always been part of business. But when it comes to COVID-19 it's now about health and human life. Testing in the US is at a massive and unprecedented scale. The ability to track all the test results is an absolute impossible task with out the proper solutions. We are providing one piece of the solution.  

Many serialized barcodes coming from the field are placed on the vials incorrectly. Incorrect placement means the labs LIMS machine cannot read the barcode. Also, labels from the field come in damaged and need to be replaced. Some labs put positive tests in a freezer for storage, the labels from the field will not hold up to the freezer.


Symbology provides solutions that allow our customers to track and trace any product, including testing kits and blood samples, that are serialized or managed with lot control. In the case of CV testing, a serial number is assigned to each person who gets tested.

We are delivering duplicators within 5 days of delivery.


COVID-19 Barcode Duplication Symbology Use Cases:

Jacobi Medical Center | Bronx, NY

"We are using [Symbology's Barcode Solutions] to label nasal swabs placed in secondary tubes to be run on the Roche Cobas 6800 for COVID-19 PCR testing. The duplicator works conveniently in a laminar flow hood for labeling secondary tubes for PCR testing including for high-volume pandemic specimen processing.


Louisiana State University Shreveport | Shreveport, LA

“Symbology’s barcode duplicator reduced the rejection rate of barcodes placed on COVID-19 field samples from 5 to 6% to less than 1%.”


Next Steps

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