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UCC-Compliant, GS-128 Barcode Labels: Medify Air Case Study

barcode duplication in the warehouse setting | zebra scanners and new castle cartsIn just a few years after launch, Medify Air went from a small start-up one of the most popular air purifiers sold on Amazon. But when initially signing up for Amazon's third party reseller system, they faced a major barcoding challenge. Here's a look at what that challenge was, and how they overcame it.

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When Medify Air first started operations, they had their original product designs, a manufacturing partner, and a retail distribution model. But as they began the process of joining Amazon's third-party reseller program and those of other large retailers, they learned that they needed a UCC-compliant barcode for each product. This was a daunting and unforeseen challenge that represented a major learning curve and operational obstacle.

UCC barcodes, also called GS1-128, allow for scanning and processing of entire cases or pallets of product through warehouses and distribution centers. These labels share the details of a shipment and eliminate the need to manually open up boxes and check and count contents. They are superior to other methods in that they help eliminate chargebacks, reduce bottlenecks, allow for better warehouse floor space planning, minimize worker errors, and lower inventory costs. 

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We helped Medify navigate GS1 (formerly the Universal Code Council), registered their products and began creating their new UPC labels. We wanted to make sure that they would have zero rejections and bill-backs from their retail partners.


"As our business grew through diversification of our sales channels, Symbology was there for us. Their responsiveness to our ever-changing needs was quick and professional. They continue to offer the same great support today as they did when we were just getting started.  

I would absolutely recommend Symbology Enterprise for your barcode labeling needs."

--- J. Henry Scott, Medify Air CEO



Are you a working for a manufacturing company that needs to update its technology around barcoding, labeling, regulatory compliance and inventory management? You've come to the right place. Tell us more about your labeling needs below and let our experts provide you with a totally free initial consultation. Symbology has the experience and know-how to help you manage and create Amazon, Walmart, and DoD-compliant GS-128 labels.


Two Symbology Solution Options

  • We'll set you up with a complete solution; BarTender software, printers, labels, and training, so you can produce your own labels.
  • Alternatively, we can act as a service bureau and build and print your labels for you.