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Custom Label Design & Barcoding with BarTender

Are you tired of barcoding and labeling your product inventory in an outdated way? Sick of wasting time and money on batches that are incorrectly labeled, or getting rejected by third party sellers like Amazon and Walmart for not conforming to their standards? Ready for an easy solution that will not only will solve your labeling compliance but will help set you on the path for better inventory management and allow your products to stand out from the rest? 

It might be time to switch to BarTender software by Seagull Scientificbartender software for custom labels and barcodes by seagull scientific

BarTender makes labeling easy. With hundreds of templates and the ability to prompt your users, BarTender’s simple design and ease-of-use makes it the perfect solution no matter the size of your company.  

All you’ll need to get started is a computer, a printer and at least one license of BarTender. Its simplified design templates and low cost of entry, makes it the perfect solution to create labels for compliance, for inventory tracking and to make a splash on a retail shelf. You can incorporate your logo, fixed data, dynamic data, serial number, lot / batch numbers, box 1 of XX.  BarTender supports all printing fonts and has drivers for hundreds of different printers.  If Barcode label printing, then Zebra devices are best in class.  

BarTender has many templates that will quickly help you align with rules and regulations of large retailers and manufacturers, and government compliances such as GHS.

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BarTender Business Use Case 1

Medify Air went from a small startup to the number one air purifier sold on Amazon. They create all of their barcode labels using BarTender. Here's how Medify Air CEO J Henry Scott explained our work together:

When we started Medify Air, we had our original product designs, a manufacturing partner and our retail distribution model. As we began the process of joining Amazon’s third-party reseller program and programs with other large retailers, we learned that we needed a UCC compliant barcode for each product we were bringing to market.  The need for a UCC label was an unforeseen learning curve and operational challenge.  That’s when we found Symbology Enterprises.undefined

Symbology showed us the way. They helped us navigate GS1 (Formerly Universal Code Council) so that we could register our products and begin creating our UPC barcodes. They made sure that we would have zero rejections and bill-backs from our retail partners.  

As our business grew through diversification of our sales channels, Symbology was there for us.  Their responsiveness to our ever-changing needs was quick and professional. They continue to offer the same great support today as they did when we were just getting started.  

I would absolutely recommend Symbology Enterprise for your barcode labeling needs.  


BarTender Business Use Case 2

A look at what happened when an 80-year-old manufacturing company needed a serious technology update.


This manufacturer had an outdated PC, a DOS-based labeling solution, a thermal printer that was at the end of its life and a weight scale that was disconnected from the system. Over the years, the company created over 30 label templates. This meant that an operator would have to search and scroll multiple times per day to find the correct template to print.

Because the scale was not integrated, a manual calculation of gross and tare weight was done so that the net weight could be typed into the label. The end-of-life thermal printer was a constant worry that if it failed, production and shipping would shut down.  


With the customer's help, we deployed a new PC, a Zebra ZT411 thermal printer, BarTender labeling software and a Pennsylvania weight scale. Using BarTender, we reduced the number of label templates from 30+ to 2, thereby eliminating the need for users to scroll and search.

We integrated the Pennsylvania scale directly into BarTender. A simple script was written that took the gross weight the tare weight from the database and calculated the net weight that printed on the label creating a time saving and error free labeling solution. 

The ROI for time saving is 6 months, but the elimination of errors has been priceless.



Are you working for a manufacturing company that needs to update its technology around barcoding, labeling, regulatory compliance and inventory management? You've come to the right place. Tell us more about your labeling needs below and let our experts provide you with a totally free initial consultation.