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How to Duplicate Barcodes: No PC or Mobile Device Needed

purchased barcode equipment but cant duplicate-now what

So you bought barcoding hardware (a scanner and printer); now what?

Scenario 1:

You need to replace a damaged barcode. Or you need to duplicate, replicate, and recreate an existing barcode. But you are stuck. You are not sure how to accomplish this task, or you are not sure what hardware and software combinations you need exactly. You do not want to spend frivolously, but you also do not want to waste time with an ineffective solution.

Look no further.  Symbology will provide you with the appropriate Zebra printer, appropriate Zebra barcode scanner, the right label and or ribbon and of course our Barcode Duplicator software, designed just for you.  

We will put it all together so you do not have to. Read on to find out what exactly this solution entails.


Scenario 2:

A user buys barcoding hardware (a scanner, a label printer, and maybe even a cart or other equipment) but now he can’t figure out how to duplicate the barcode that he just scanned. Whoever sold him the hardware told them they can print labels. But what he was not told is that he will need software to do it. 

Rather than being sold a full solution, the customer feels that he was merely sold a product or group of products. So he then blames the manufacturer. He feels like he was only sold half of the solution.

The end user has purchased / spent money on products that do not work.  When he calls the manufacturer, the support team might not know how to make the two devices communicate, let alone print a label without a PC or mobile computer in the mix. The customer spends hours with support and gets nowhere.  At the same, time he is looking at the hundreds of dollars he spent on hardware that is now basically a paper weight. 

That’s where Symbology comes in. For just a few hundred dollars, we can add our duplicator program and turn that hardware investment into a working solution.


The Symbology Duplicator Solution


Nothing Symbology has done is proprietary. What we produce is simply a cable that allows the scanner and printer to communicate, and most importantly, we know how to create a label template that resides in the printer. We have eliminated the need for a PC and or a mobile computer. The power to the printer also powers the scanner. Our programming of the printer creates the duplicator solution.   

Like most great ideas, Barcode Duplicator came from a customer need.  After solving the duplication challenge for our customers, we decided to make it a product.  


The ‘Aha Moment’

A common refrain when hearing of our solution among our customers is, “This is exactly what I have been looking for.” Our customers are typically ecstatic as we have helped solve a tedious labor intensive process with a small investment in technology.

At Symbology, we believe that effective duplication is extremely important.  Whether it’s needing to business-partner-c-01-sizedtrack and trace medical tests, competing against or working with Amazon and Walmart, or obeying state and federal regulations, manufacturers need to ensure their labels are in compliance. 

Today more than ever, larger companies are taking asset management very seriously --- and the ability to quickly create an asset label is important. 

Use the Zebra Business Partner Button, or this link to contact Symbology today to get your barcode duplication system up and running.