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7 Types of Temperature Monitoring Devices (Zebra & TempTime)

Temperature intelligence throughout the supply chain. 

Barcodes + Temperature Sensors = Success!

Dealing with vaccines, food, and biologics often requires tight control of environmental parameters (temperature, light levels, etc.) for compliance and safety. 

That’s why for all phases (storage, shipping, handling, and use), you need to be confident of the integrity of the product. You need insights, and a cost effective solution. 

What began as a technology to transport refrigerated polio vaccines and evolved into a system for pharmacies and distributors to monitor all sorts of medications now helps manufacturers monitor cumulative heat, threshold heat, or freeze exposures on site, or in transit. 

zebra temp sensors 2

Bluetooth sensors record temperatures 24/7 in facilities and during shipping. The blood indicator helps preserve blood supplies. All of this contributes to reduced waste, enhanced quality, and improved global health. 


Types of Temperature Monitoring & Sensing Products:

  1. Heat indicators (threshold & duration)
  2. Freeze indicators
  3. Printable indicators
  4. Blood temperature indicators
  5. Shipment temperature indicators
  6. Package performance qualification testing (PPQ)
  7. Food temperature indicators


Perfect for:

Pharma, Biotech, Blood Banks, EMS, Food distribution, and more


Zebra offers a variety of devices, some of which are FDA-approved. They’re vigorously tested, always reliable, GMP-compliant and ISO-certified. And they’re customizable; for whatever your storage and shipping needs may be. No more slowing down workflows, extra mistakes, burdening employees or incurring additional costs. 


Temperature Sensor Success Stories:


Using reliable visual indicators in the cold chain logistics/delivery network is a game changer. It brings confidence that the medicine/food/product etc. has stayed in its temperature range, and is subjected to high standards and vigorous testing. It’s peace of mind. 

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Symbology Enterprises is a certified Zebra reseller. We are here for all of your label and


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