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Wireless Monitoring Cold Storage: Zebra Wireless Temperature Sensors

Many products in many industries have temperature requirements. They are not always the same but there is a solution. Zebra's electronic temperature sensors use wireless technology to monitor environments containing temperature-sensitive products. Bluetooth-enabled sensors offer mobile connectivity and data-sharing to help ensure temperature consistency and integrity.


Below we'll look at some of the most important and common applications for this tech across a few different industries.


Food Retail and Distribution 

  • Warehousing and distribution of perishable, refrigerated and frozen items (i.e. anything that is temperature sensitive)
  • Monitoring coolers, containers or refrigerators to know if temperature has ever been compromised
  • Monitoring other food storage equipment

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  • Delivery of food, and other products to distribution centers, customers or consumers
  • Monitoring temperature during delivery of these products throughout the cold chain, including the last mile


1584744532452Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Shipments of medicines, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices worldwide
  • Monitoring temperature of vital medication and devices during shipment



Emergency Medical Services

  • Monitoring of temperature sensitive medications and devices on vehicles
  • Monitoring temperature of vital medication and devices on vehicle to help support medical efficacy

For a solution that provides temperature traceability at every point of the cold chain,

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