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Warehouse Makeover Case Study: Quadra Furniture

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Quadra Furniture is a residential staging and turnkey furniture company in New York City. They create interiors that feel elegant and personal, and their aesthetic aims to tell the story of a space. Established in 2005, they’ve been growing bigger each year.

In fact, they grew so big and so fast that they couldn’t quite keep up with inventory and logistics. They had old software managing their warehouse and old inventory procedures. They needed a change, and fast.

Zebra scanners improving warehouse case study quadra 4

Inventory management is at the core of what they do. They need to deliver their products in optimal condition quickly and efficiently. So they need a robust system that can track inventory across the product life cycle. 

That's where we came in. Our team provided a software solution (Ascent) that worked seamlessly with Salesforce, and advanced Zebra hardware (specifically the TC-series mobile computers) with great battery life, scanning capability, and durability. 

Zebra scanners improving warehouse case study quadra 2

The Zebra hardware is preinstalled with Android, making for a good user experience and minimal training required. 

Now with this new technology in hand, Quadra can see their assets in real time and at all times, even on the road. The field specialists using the scanners have increased visibility and security, and the operations team gets actionable data delivered to them. And crucially, this solution will scale with them, helping each step of the way. 

Zebra scanners improving warehouse case study quadra 1

Zebra scanners improving warehouse case study quadra 5

The TC-series mobile computers from Zebra make it easy to:

  • input order entry
  • capture information
  • check pricing and
  • assist customers.

They're durable, easy-to-use, with long lasting batteries, Android security, and service and repair options if needed.



“This solution has allowed us to get more efficient, serve our clients better, and be closer to our inventory.” quadra ceo

--- Robert Sablic, Quadra Co-founder


Ready to step up your inventory management game? The team at Symbology Enterprises can get you there. 

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