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Newcastle Carts: Speed Up Shipping, Labeling, Handling & Fulfillment

newcastle carts in action in manufacturing setting

In 2021, it’s tough to run a warehouse. Customers demand product delivery speed and accuracy. Errors and slowdowns and extra steps can be costly. You have to be efficient and effective. 

How can you improve your processes in inspection, labeling, dock-to-stock cycling, pick/pack & fulfillment, and outbound shipping & labeling?

You can hire more people. You can Invest in robotics and automation. Or you can just use Newcastle Carts to streamline your product labeling and inventory needs. new castle carts anatomy

These carts will become your go-to tool, beside the forklift and the pallet jack --- with everything you need and on-board power. They’re adjustable and ergonomic, with room for your PC, laptop, printer and scanner. They feature advanced power supplies that last all day, and they’ll bring you an instant productivity boost. They’ll also pay for themselves quickly in savings. 


Adjustable, ergonomic

Room for PC, laptop, printer, scanner

Advanced power supply --- one shift, one charge

Workers love the productivity boost

Management loves the immediate ROI

Customizable, advanced configurations

newcastle cart in action in a warehouse shipping center setting

Newcastle Cart Benefits

  • Increased efficiency 
  • When you bring your worker to the product (instead of vice versa) you save steps.
  • Fewer labeling errors/issues
  • Avoid bill-backs and other costly mistakes. 
  • Immediate ROI (a few months)
  • Carts pay for themselves within four months on average. 

new castle carts efficiency before

new castle cart efficienty after

new castle cart anatomy --- full view

Newcastle Carts Top Industries: 

Warehousing, e-commerce, food & beverage, freight & logistics, medical, and more. 



Don't just buy Newcastle carts from any old large internet seller. When you buy from Barcode Duplicator, we'll help you put your whole kit together, integrate with your ERP system, and help with troubleshooting related to printers, scanners, tablets, drivers, firmware, etc. We'll help you craft the perfect inventory and labeling system.

Working with Barcode Duplicator

We can help you: 

  • Acquire the right Newcastle equipment 
  • Modernize processes & supply chain management
  • Select the optimal software
  • Use Newcastle Carts in combination with Zebra Technologies for a robust combination. 

swappable long lasting battery for newcastle cart

Let's Discuss Newcastle Carts